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Electro Manipulator Trainer Didactic Equipment Mechatronics Training Equipment

Item No.: MR077M
Electro Manipulator Trainer Didactic Equipment Mechatronics Training Equipment
MR077M  Electro Manipulator Trainer Didactic Equipment Mechatronics Training Equipment

1 Product overview
1.1 Profile
This trainer takes various kinds of industrial sensor, pneumatic controller, electrical switch, PLC, HMI etc., it is a comprehensive mechatronics platform which consist of warehouse unit, handling mechanical arm(manipulator) unit, movement control PLC module, touch screen unit etc. Through related experiment, students will be familiar with pneumatic execute mechanism running feature,

Siemens 1200PLC based movement control system, touch screen and PLC communication method etc. , to cultivate students corresponding knowledge and technical skills, it is suitable for vocational schools, colleges, technical institutions teaching and training for hand on practice ability. 

1.2 Feature
(1) Aluminum substrate is used for training platform to build training platform, with the bottom of the bottom height is adjustable, convenient adjustment, stable structure. The actuator modules on the substrate, easy to use, not easy to damage.
(2) PLC control unit of the box model, PLC, power supply and input/output point through security terminal leads to the panel, by experimental wiring K2 test line, safe and reliable.
(3) The organic integration of machinery technology (including pneumatic technology), sensor technology, PLC control and communication network technology,

reflect the characteristics of modern manufacturing process. Integral structure with open and disassembling type, can easily replace module, according to the principle of production function and integrate learning function of determining module content, make the teaching or race easy to choose the required module.
(4) The examination device master-slave station training module of PLC I/O terminals, through the terminal row with each command switches, photoelectric switches, sensors and indicator elements are connected.

2 Capacity and technical parameter
(1)Single-phase three-wire system input power: 220V±10% 50Hz
(2) Appearance size: 1250 mm× 750 mm ×1500 mm
(3) Machine capacity: < 1.5 KVA
(4) Whole capacity: < 100 kg
(5) Working conditions: temperature - 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
   relative humidity < 85% (25 ℃)

3 Products consist of
3.1 The power input unit
Power input terminals in practice on the stage of distribution area, the Europe type plug lead, through the total power of residual current circuit breaker control system.

3.2 Training workbench surface
Practice of using aluminum alloy substrate, the bottom has a height adjustable foot, convenient height adjustment, firm structure, the beauty is generous.
Training function
1. Programmable controller high level instructions programming training
2. The master and training of stepping motor application
3. The master and training of photoelectric sensor application

4. The master and training of pneumatic application
5. two-dimension double-shaft location motion control
6. The operation of encoder
7. The training of open loop position and close loop position