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Grid-Off Photovoltaic Trainer Vocational Education Equipment For School Lab Electrical Engineering Lab Equipment 

Item No.: MR178E
Grid-Off Photovoltaic Trainer Vocational Education Equipment For School Lab Electrical Engineering Lab Equipment 
MR178E Grid-Off Photovoltaic Trainer Vocational Education Equipment For School Lab Electrical Engineering Lab Equipment 

1 Product overview
1.1 Overview
This system can simulate the process of solar power generation, so that the students have a preliminary understanding of photovoltaic power generation systems, be familiar with the composition of photovoltaic power generation off-grid system, connection and operating principle. Training the student to the corresponding knowledge and skills, it is suitable for the engineering university, higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational schools and vocational school related professional teaching and skills training examination . 
1.2 Feature
(1) Training workbench uses aluminum column frame structure, measuring instrument and load module use hanging box installation, training power supply built-in integrated installation, with a universal wheel at the bottom of workbench, the various units are flexible, it's easy to use , not easy to damage. 
(2) Solar panels using aluminum frame fix, can adjust the angle of the solar panels according to the angle of the sun's rays, the bottom is equipped with universal wheel, it is flexible to move, and convenient to use. 

(3) Experimental circuit and device configuration is complete, can be combined, to complete a variety of subjects of training content. 
(4) Training bench has a good safety protection system. 
1.3 Capacity
(1) Solar power systems: the aluminum alloy structure, photovoltaic panels angle is adjustable, with wheels at the bottom of workbench, it can be mobile and lockable, dimension: 1200 * 1200 * 1760 mm (L*W*H). 
(2) Off-grid training workbench: fully aluminum alloy structure, with a universal wheel at the bottom, can be mobile and lockable, dimension 1000 * 800 * 1400 mm (L*W*H). 
(3) Power box unit: aluminum panel structure, power supply components embedded installation, instrument and load module uses the aluminum alloy hanging box unit, the connection is convenient. 
(4) Solar panels parameters are as follows: 
The maximum rated power (Pmax) : 250 w 
The high power voltage (Vmp) : 48.0 V 
The most powerful current (Imp) : 5.2 A 
The open circuit voltage (Voc) : 54.0 V 
Short circuit current (Isc) : 5.5 A 
The biggest system voltage: 1000 v DC 
The output power of tolerance: ±3%
Working environment temperature: - 40 ℃, + 85 ℃ 
(5) the S - 3000-36 off-grid inverter 

1.4 System introduction
The whole system can be divided into hardware and software two parts. Photovoltaic off-grid system consist of photovoltaic components, controller/inverter, mains supply (city electricity network). Photovoltaic off-grid system structure is as follows:  
Hardware part contains three independent photovoltaic power generation system, off-grid inverter, power box, meter box, hanging load box, etc., three photovoltaic panels connect in parallel, connect to off-grid inverter via hotovoltaic (pv) interface,measure system parameters.
1. Solar panel with aluminum bracket, the bottom is equipped with universal wheel, is flexible mobile and can be locked, solar elevation angle is adjustable.
2. Off-grid inverter is fixed in the training workbench desktop, through the cable connection and convert electricity from solar panels to power frequency 220 v alternating current (AC), for the use of the load.
Software part is composed of PC software and data communication cable, PC monitoring software can real-time monitor the working state of the photovoltaic off-grid inverter system, the input voltage, output voltage, battery voltage, load rate, battery capacity, the output work power, such as real-time data