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Hybrid electro-Hydraulic And Electro-Pneumatic Equipment Didactic Equipment Mechatronics Trainer

Item No.: MR008M
Hybrid electro-Hydraulic And Electro-Pneumatic Equipment Didactic Equipment Mechatronics Trainer
MR008M  Hybrid electro-Hydraulic And Electro-Pneumatic Equipment Didactic Equipment Mechatronics Trainer

1.Brief introduction:
The experimental device uses double-sided structure, ie an experimental table provides places for doing pneumatic and hydraulic test experiment for two groups of four students. It can simultaneously do double-sided comprehensive pneumatic and hydraulic experiments, optimizing and sharing resources and improving products’ performance. Its overall structure is simple and practical.
The training equipment is iron double matte dense spray pattern, which is beautiful, durable and practical. The basic configuration is as following: 1 set of pneumatic training components; 1 set of pneumatic PLC control module; 1 piece of low noise air compressor; 1 set of hydraulic training components; 1 set of hydraulic PLC control module; 1 piece of hydraulic test pump. The optional configuration is the computer.

This training system uses a dedicated independent hydraulic test pump with variable speed DC motor system with oil pressure setting function. You can set safe working pressure of output oil pressure. With all common hydraulic components: Each hydraulic component is equipped with mounting plate, which can be easily and freely placed in the aluminum alloy hydraulic components on the panel (the panel with "T" slot in the form of aluminum alloy structure). Oil lap using quick-change connectors; convenient disconnect without leakage.
With this set of training equipment, you can do pneumatic control and hydraulic control circuit and its corresponding basic application experiments. It can also be integrated with each other to carry out the following experiment: realized pneumatic - electric control, pneumatic - hydraulic control, electric - fluid control, and pneumatic - electric - hydraulic integrated control.

2. Specific characteristics:
Accessories: Oil-hydraulic and pneumatic solenoid valves, single-acting pneumatic cylinders, double-acting oleo-hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, limit switches, relays, power supply, particle detector, filter absolute and hoses; Power: 220 Volt; Compressor capacity: 24 liters at 8 bar pressure; Distribution: Multivia; Frequency: 60 Hertz; Advanced level; Hydraulic pressure: 0 to 50 bar; Additional features: Hydraulic unit with double gear pump with (minimum) flow rates of 6 and 12 liters per minute, powered by an electric motor 220-240 VAC 60 Hz, 3 CV with frequency variation, tank 40 to 50 liters with indicator level and temperature, 2 pressure / tank / drain distribution blocks each block has: 4 3/8 "quick connections for pressure up to 3000 psi for pressure line, 4 3/8" anti-drip quick connections for pressure up to 3000 psi for return line, Hydraulic system; 2 3/8 ”pressure, vent and drain pressure relief valves, quick coupler for pressure up to 3000 psi, with pressure display gauge with hydraulic system relief valves, Return filter with bypass valve, with visual element saturation indicator filter, Filler nozzle with air filter, Vacuum indicator at the pump inlet, In-line

particle detector, Electric command for electric motor, Keypad for actuation of the ON / OFF valve for system relief, 220 supply voltage at 240 VAC at 60 Hz, 1 Ball valve on the pump suction, with one of the hoses in transparent material for the visualization of the cavitation and aeration effect, 12 3/8 ”hoses with 600 mm quick couplings, 10 3/8 "hoses with 1000mm quick couplers, 10 3/8" hoses with 1200mm quick couplers, 10 tee connections, 1 4/2-way directional valve, lever / spring, 1 di valve 4/3-way valve, tandem center with lever, 1 4/3-way directional valve, closed center with lever, 1 pressure gauge with glycerin with 0-100 bar scale, 1 sequence valve with integrated check, 1 pressure reducing valve with integrated check valve, 1 pilot operated check valve, 1 flow regulator valve with integrated check valve, 1 flow regulator valve with pressure compensation, 1 double-acting cylinder with piston from 25 to 38 mm in diameter and 200 mm travel, 1 hydraulic motor Bidirectional, 1 4/2 way directional valve with one solenoid and spring return, 1 double solenoid 4/2 way directional valve, 1 4/3 way directional valve, closed center, spring centered double

solenoid actuated, 1 regulating filter with manometer and lubricator, 1 distributor block with opening and closing valve with at least 6 outlets, 1 single-acting cylinder with piston between 20 mm to 25 mm in diameter, travel from 5 0 mm minimum to 100 mm maximum, 2 double-acting cylinders with magnetic piston between 20 mm to 25 mm in diameter, travel from 100 mm minimum to 150 mm maximum, 2 directional valves 3/2 way NC button / spring, 1 directional valve 3 / 2-way NC button / interlock, 4 directional valves 3/2 way NC roller / spring, 2 directional valves 3/2 way NC retractable roller, 1 directional valve 3/2 way NC single pilot, 1 directional valve 3/2 way NC Timer (0 to 30s), 1 5/2-way directional valve lever / spring, 1 5/2-way directional valve single air pilot, 2 directional 5/2-way valves double air pilot, 4 one-way flow control valves, 2 "O" elements, 2 "Y" elements, 2 quick exhaust valves, 1 5/2 way directional valve, single solenoid with spring return, 2 5/2 way directional valves, double solenoid, 1 3/2 way directional valve NC simple solenoid and return by spring e, 2 magnetic proximity sensors, 2 electrical pressure drop sensors, 1 source with 110 to 240 VAC input, 60 Hz, 24 VDC output, 10A with automatic protection, 1 electrical distributor with 8 outputs, 8 light indicators and 1 beep, 2 sets of 4mm pin electrical cables each set includes (20 x 500mm cables, 10 x 1000mm cables), 1 NO push button, 1 latching emergency button, 1 NC push button, 1 button switch, 4 microswitches with limit switch with roller, 2 microswitches with limit

switch with retractable roller, 2 relays with 3 NO contacts and 1 NC contact, 1 relay with 2 NO contacts and 2 NC contacts, 1 relay with connection delay , 1 capacitive proximity sensor, 1 inductive proximity sensor, 1 optical proximity sensor, 20 meters of 4mm hose, all elements must have 4mm hose connectors, the elements must also have fixing bases on the boards, built in aluminum profile structure, with double-sided vertical panel in aluminum profile for quick fixing of the components allowing mounting on two sides of the bench, protective rubber mat on the table, residual oil collection tray for the hydraulic drive group, frame for fixing of the electric plates on the upper part of the panel, support for hoses, 04 rotating rollers, 1 compressor from 06 to 10 bar of silent pressure with tank of 24 to 50 liters, Includes user manual of the equipment and simulation software for hydraulics and electrohydraulics , pneumatic and electropneumatic licensed for three users, Includes training