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Training device for automatic tracking motion control system Vocational Training Equipment Smart Grid Training Equipment

Item No.: MR399E
Training device for automatic tracking motion control system Vocational Training Equipment Smart Grid Training Equipment
MR399E Training device for automatic tracking motion control system Vocational Training Equipment Smart Grid Training Equipment

1 Product overview
1.1 Overview

This training device This system can simulate the motion control process of automatic tracking of the solar panel in the photovoltaic power generation system to automatically track the angle of direct sunlight, so that students have a preliminary intuitive understanding of the working principle and working mode of the automatic tracking system. The analog light source is driven by a stepping motor to move in an arc, the light intensity sensor is driven by a servo motor, and the PLC collects real-time feedback light intensity change signals to control the light intensity sensor to always track the position of the strongest point of the analog light source. Through related experiments, students can cultivate the corresponding knowledge and skills, which are suitable for the teaching and skill training assessment of related professions in higher vocational schools, colleges, secondary vocational schools and technical schools.

1.2 Features
(1) The training platform adopts aluminum profile column frame structure, all control devices are open integrated installation, the bottom is equipped with universal wheels, each unit is flexible, easy to use, and not easy to damage.
(2) The experimental circuits and devices are fully equipped and can be used in combination to complete the training content of various courses.
(3) The training platform has a good safety protection system.
2 performance parameters
(1) Electrical control unit: the steel sprayed plastic panel is used, and the components are fixed on the surface of the panel. You can adjust the installation wiring according to your needs. The main components include: PLC, servo drive, stepper drive, power supply, control button indicator, etc.
(2) Table body: All aluminum alloy structure, with universal wheels at the bottom, which can be moved and fixed flexibly. All external wiring is connected by aviation plugs, which is convenient and reliable. The overall size is 600*550*1500mm (length, width and height)
(3) Simulated light source: Aluminum profile frame structure, LED spotlights are driven by a stepping motor, running speed and position can be set by program, the overall size is 670mm×400mm×1200mm (length, width and height)

(4) Follow-beam unit: aluminum profile frame structure, two servo motors drive photosensitive sensors to do 2-axis motion tracking light source. The servo motors are an AC servo and a DC servo, which is convenient for students to master different types of servo motor control methods. , Dimensions 300mm×250mm×600mm (length, width and height)
(5) Working environment:
Temperature -10+40 Temperature≤80
Ambient air: No corrosive, flammable gas, no large amount of conductive dust
(6) Power supply:
Power consumption: ≤1000W,
Working power supply: AC220±5%,
Power supply: single-phase three-wire AC220±5%, 50HZ
Working method: continuous
(7) Total weight: 100Kg
3 System configuration
The system is divided into three parts: electrical control unit, simulated motion light source, and automatic tracking motion unit. The main configuration is as follows:
1) Electrical control unit:
1. Electrical installation panel 1
2. Siemens PLC-S7-1214C 1
3. Siemens SM-1234 1
4. Siemens SM-1221 1
5. Siemens CB-1241 1

6. 4 port network switch 1
7. DC24V switching power supply 1
8. 1 AC servo drive
9. 1 DC servo drive
10. Stepper motor driver 1
11. Leakage circuit breaker 1
12. Single-phase modular socket 1
13. 5 changeover switches
14. 2 indicator lights
15. Emergency stop switch 1
16. Trunking guide rail 1 case
2) Simulated light source unit:
1. Aluminum frame body 1
2. 1 LED light source
3. Stepper motor 1
4. Stepper motor reducer 1
3) Follow light motion unit:
1. Steel structure frame 1
2. Photosensitive sensor 1
3. AC servo motor 1
4. 1 DC servo motor

5. Reducer 2
6. 6 position sensors
4 can complete the training content
(1) Siemens PLC programming experiment
(2) Siemens PLC analog expansion module application programming experiment
(3) PLC communication experiment
(4) AC servo motor parameter setting and control experiment
(5) DC servo motor parameter setting and control experiment
(6) Stepping motor parameter setting and control experiment
(7) PLC control AC servo motor motor programming experiment
(8) PLC control DC servo motor motor programming experiment
(9) PLC control stepper motor programming experiment
(10) Characteristic experiment of photosensitive sensor
(11) Programming experiment of single-axis motion control
(12) Programming experiment of dual-axis motion control
(13) Automatic tracking motion control experiment