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Plumbing Electrical Training Teaching System Building Automation Trainer Educational Equipment

Item No.: MR1001B
MR1001B Plumbing Electrical Training Teaching System  Building Automation Trainer Educational Equipment
MR1001B Plumbing Electrical Training Teaching System  Building Automation Trainer Educational Equipment

I. Product Overview
1.1 Overview
The plumbing and electrical training instrument can realize basic building skills training. It mainly includes the installation of water pipes, electricity, gas, heat and other equipment and the training and operation of pipe connections. The training environment is basically the same as the engineering practice environment. The training equipment used are all from engineering practicality.
The basic structure of the system adopts the intelligent training unit. Training equipment is installed on the training unit. Students can disassemble and assemble equipment on the unit to improve their practical ability.

1.2 Features
(1) The actual environment includes a stencil-style training unit, a simulated user and an installation carrier.
(2) User power supply includes household electric meters, lamps, lamp switches and other equipment. It can also be used to install electrical equipment and power lines, check power lines and maintain power lines. After the power supply is installed in place, the power cord and electrical equipment are installed correctly, you can turn on the lights to see the actual effect.
(3) User water supply includes common household water supply components such as water meters, water pipes, drain pipes, faucets, and wash basins. It can be used for water skills training such as water pipe installation, water equipment installation, water pipe inspection, water equipment inspection, water pipe maintenance, and water equipment maintenance. Each training unit is required to install water supply and drain piping. When the plumbing and water fittings are installed correctly, the valve can be opened and water can flow out. At the same time, the laying and installation of drainage pipes can be completed.
(4) Gas supply includes household gas meter equipment, gas leakage alarm valve equipment, gas shut-off valve equipment, etc., which can be used for gas pipeline installation, valve safety device installation and other household gas equipment installation skills training. Use fan air supply instead of actual gas, configure gas detector and valve cutter to ensure safety. It can also simulate gas leakage and cut off the gas valve in an emergency.
(5) User heating includes heating radiator equipment, special heat pipe equipment, etc.
(6) Form a complete set of practical tools and training materials.

II. Performance Parameter
(1) Input power: single-phase three-wire system 110v 60Hz
(2) Dimensions: about 1640*850*1900mm
(3) Machine capacity: <2KVA
(4) Weight: <200kg
(5) Working conditions: ambient temperature -10℃~+40℃ relative humidity <85% (25℃)
III. Completable Training Content
Experiment 1: The distinction and use of strong/weak wire slots
Experiment 2: Installation and layout of strong/weak wire slots
Experiment 3: Understanding and wiring of electric energy meters
Experiment 4: Incoming line inspection and maintenance
Experiment 5: Installation and protection of gas pipelines
Experiment 6: Understanding and wiring of gas pipelines
Experiment 7: Installation and protection of water pipes
Experiment 8: Understanding and wiring of water meters
Experiment 9: Learning and using the property management platform
Experiment 10: Installation and use of heating radiators