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Motion Control Trainer Teaching Equipment Mechatronics Training Equipment

Item No.: MR087M
Motion Control Trainer Teaching Equipment Mechatronics Training Equipment
MR087M  Motion Control Trainer Teaching Equipment Mechatronics Training Equipment

Motion control training equipment
This device can realize the sensor detection, transaction processing, intelligent control and execute drive of production line. It refer to basis specialized knowledge and basis electromechanical skill requirement of mechanical technique, micro electronic technique, electrical and electronic technology, sensor detection technology, interface technology, information transformation technology, network communication technology and other mechatronics major.

Function characteristic:
1. This system adapt industrial aluminum profile structure, the aluminum rail type training workbench is equipped with three basic unit: small car back and forth movement( pay-off ), three degree of freedom manipulator( carry ), sensor detection( material identification, distance detection, count, etc ), it can be used for single actuator, it also can make up a machinery platform of typical automatic production line. 

2. System mechanism adapt cylinder driver, frequency conversion adjustable-speed motor driver, DC motor driver. PLC and transducer control interface totally open, it can arbitrary outer connect control, it can adapt module combined type structure, each working unit are relatively independent module, it adapt standard structure and drawer type module, it has stronger interchangeability. 
3. Manipulator mechanism hardware protection circuit. It can carry out judge the position signal of manipulator and output signal of PLC, the actuating signal of accord with logical function is manipulator response actuating signal, otherwise, it will failure to actuate, thus it realize machinery coordinate protection.  

4. It is equipped with various industry common sensor, promote the signal data collection ability of equipment, it is convenient for student programme and the reliable of whole mechanism operation. It can make the student master the principle of various sensor and the application of practical work, use different sensor to realize different or same function.
5. According to upper computer WINCC configuration software to carry out networking communications, it can support 485, MODBUS, DP network and Ethernet to carry out data exchange.

1Boundary dimension: 1240L× 720W× 1300H  mm  drawer dont stretch out
2Max. Sorting speed: 20 times/ minute
3Continuous automatic sorting operation time: 24hours continuous sorting times: 28800times/day
4Rated working power supply: AC220V   50 Hz  Main work power1.2  Kw
5Rated working air pressure: 0.3-0.4  MPa
6Work environment: temperature-1035 relative humidity≤85%(25)

Equipment constitute:
No Component name Unit Quantity
1 Equipment stand Set 1
2 Feed mechanism Set 1
3 Pneumatic manipulator Set 1
4 Material sorting mechanism Set 3
5 Sensor detection mechanism Set 1
6 Silence type compress air pump Piece 1

Supportable experiment training content:
1. The installation and commission of pneumatic system
1The installation of pneumatic direction control circuit
2The installation of pneumatic speed control circuit
3The installation of pneumatic sequence control circuit
4The installation of pneumatic manipulator
5The connection of pneumatic system gas circuit
6The position adjustment magnet switch
7Pneumatic system commission
8The installation of swing control circuit

2. The installation and commission of transducer
1The connection of transducer and AC motor main circuit
2The parameter setting and operation of transducer panel
3The speed governing of transducer panel control AC motor
4Control the motor and start and stop according to transducer external terminal
3. The installation and commission of electromechanical equipment
1The adjustment of transmission device coaxiality
2The installation and adjustment of belt conveyor
3The installation and commission of carry manipulator
4The installation and commission of article sorting equipment
5The installation and commission of feed equipment
6The installation and commission of automatic protection line.

4. The installation of electrical control circuit and PLC programming
1The connection and writing program of motor positive and negative going motion control circuit. 
2The connection and writing program of motor speed governing control circuit
3The writing detection program of belt
4Pneumatic sequential action control programming
5Pneumatic manipulator control programming
6Mechatronics equipment control programming
7Automatic protection line control programming
5. The installation and commission of automatic control system
1The installation and commission of various sensor
2The automatic control of belt transport detection
3The automatic control of manipulator
4The automatic control of mechatronics
5The installation and commission of PLC control system
6The installation and commission of automatic protection line

6. The basic control and setting of touch screen
1The touch screen wiring and basic parameter setting
2The basic instruct programming of control type based on touch screen
3PLC, touch screen and transducer communication control
7. The operation training of communication engineering
1The network communication technology based on fieldbus
2The data communication and control training based on DP network
3The data communication and control training based on MODBUS network
4The data communication and control training based on Ethernet
5The data communication and control training based on 485 way
6The programming and communication control of WINCC configuration software