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Workbench For Testing Direct Current Electrical Machines Educational Equipment Electrical Lab Equipment

Workbench For Testing Direct Current Electrical Machines Educational Equipment Electrical Lab Equipment
MR381E Workbench For Testing Direct Current Electrical Machines Educational Equipment Electrical Lab Equipment
I. Product overview
1.1 Overview
This training device includes control objects. Through related experiments, you can be familiar with slip ring induction motors. Cultivate students' corresponding knowledge and skills, suitable for teaching and skill training assessment of related majors in higher vocational schools, colleges, secondary vocational schools and technical schools.

1.2 Features
(1) The training platform adopts an aluminum profile column frame structure, the measuring instrument and the training power supply are built-in and integrated installation, and the training circuit and components are combined in a hanging box. Each unit is flexible, convenient to use, and not easy to damage.
(2) The experimental circuits and devices are fully equipped and can be used in combination to complete the training content of a variety of courses.
(3) The training platform has a good safety protection system.

II. Performance parameters
(1) Input power: three-phase five-system 220V±10%
(2) Dimensions: 1575mm×680mm×835mm
(3) The capacity of the whole machine: <1KVA
(4) Weight: <100kg
(5) Working conditions: ambient temperature -10℃~+40℃ relative humidity <85% (25℃)

III. Product composition
3.1 Power control panel
The power control box adopts an aluminum alloy profile panel and a closed box structure, which is connected with the lower shelf as a whole.
3.2 Training table
The desktop adopts a 25mm-thick high-density substrate, and the surface is treated with high temperature and high pressure fireproof board veneer, which has a firm structure and beautiful appearance.
3.3 Power control panel configuration
(1) Three-phase four-wire system power input, controlled by a leakage circuit breaker, equipped with an emergency stop control button. In an emergency, press the emergency stop button and the circuit breaker to cut off the power.
(2) Equipped with power indicator light, power output socket and safety type power output terminal.
(3) Built-in AC power supply with short circuit protection function.

3.4 Hanging box module
Power box
1: Total power supply---4P leakage circuit breaker
2: Emergency stop unit
3: AC380V three-phase AC output unit
4: AC220V three-phase AC output unit
5: DC output unit
6: Three-phase multi-function meter
7: Single-phase multi-function meter
8: DC0-220V and DC220V power output unit
9: Tachometer
10: socket
This module can meet students to do a variety of different experiments. Each test module is made according to standard size. When installing, insert the upper end of the module into the upper beam aluminum profile slot, and then align the lower end of the module with the lower groove and push it down. Clip the module to the beam. The hanging box module is shown in the figure.

3.5 Supporting devices
(1) 1 DC compound excitation motor
(2)1 DC series motor
(3)1 DC shunt motor
(4)1 slip ring asynchronous motor
(5)1 Rotary encoder: 5-24V power supply 
(6)1 magnetic powder brake
(7)1 Torque and speed display module 
(9)38 4mm-1 head-head 
(10)6 Fuse 5A 
(11)2 Fuse 3A 
(12)3 Fuse 2A 
(13)1 DC voltmeter 300V hanging box 
(14)1 DC voltmeter 500V hanging box 
(15) 1 AC voltmeter hanging box

(16)1 AC ammeter hanging box 
(17)2 DC ammeter hanging boxes
(18)1 Brake control module hanging box 
(20)3 sliding rheostat hanging boxes
(21)1 Thermal overload relay hanging box 
(22)1 triple disk resistance hanging box
(23)1 DC output hanging box
(24)1 Three-phase adjustable power supply 
IV. Can complete the training content
(1) Three-phase slip ring asynchronous motor starting training
(2) Start training of DC shunt-excited motor
(3) Start training of DC series motor
(4) Start training of DC compound excitation motor
(5) DC motor braking training